Server Management

Richsoft continually monitors your IT infrastructure that provides the foundation for all our service offerings. Our web hosting solutions include virtual server management, dedicated server management, and shared hosting plans. We also offer cloud server planning and administration, hosting strategies, web server management, server security, consulting for deployment of cloud, local, or data center servers. As we have managed hundreds of mission-critical internet servers across major countries in the world, our customers trust our expert technical advice and effective level of support in the business. We use industry-standard server management solutions, which provide 24×7 management and emergency response. Our dedicated experts are focused on various technology areas such as DB, Linux, Network, and Security, and feature-rich management packages such as basic monitoring, reactive management, pro-active management, as well as full management to choose from. Through all these services, Richsoft, takes the effort and the time to get to know you and your business so we can help design and implement our effective cloud server management or the web hosting plans that work perfectly for you.