Online Advertisements

Benefits of online advertising
Online advertising involves making use of internet as a global communication medium to upgrade the process of traditional advertising.
Following are some of the benefits of Richsoft’s online advertising
1. Economical-Our services are cheaper compared to traditional advertising.
2. Wider reach-Has a much wider geographicalreach as it gives your campaigns a global coverage
3. Result oriented trading: In online advertising you have to pay only for the qualified clicks, leads or impressions unlike traditional advertising for which you have to pay the full amount.
4. Clear yardstick for assessment-We have many effective analytics tools measuring online advertising results, which help you know what to do and what to avoid in the campaigns.
5. Remarketing and retargeting: Sometimes a glimpse of banner ads may not be enough to convert a target market. Advertising through our online remarketing has a higher probability of bringing your product/service to attention
6. Geotargeting: We can creatively personalize your online advertisements such that you can efficiently zero in on your market by geographic location
7. Online marketing via target demographics:
Richsoft can isolate interests based on target demographics leading to customized and multidirectional marketing. For instance, younger targets would normally be interested in the social media and celebrity icons while young professionals would be interested in niches like health, family, and business.