E-Mail Marketing

We help you to brand your business through email marketing. Whether it is about promotions, coupons, or just relevant news, email newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customer base, and encourage them to come back to your company for purchases down the line. To achieve this Richsoft marketing promotion team keep on sending emails to the target customers of your business by encouraging them to do a continuous business with your organization.
Benefits of Email Marketing:
1. Return on Investment (ROI)
In the business world, proper interpersonal communication is important. Keeping this in mind most businesses invest in email marketing. We offer you the returns from email marketing are better than those from most other marketing platforms like TV advertisements, news paper add etc.

2. Low Cost
We provide low cost email marketing for our customers. As you know, email marketing does not need cost for postage, billboard, and magazine or television channel. Richsoft track and evaluate customer emails through an automatic tool making the marketing process so simple.

3. Reduced Time & Effort
Richsoft had 24*7 email marketing team to respond for emails and thereby the two way market communications can happen on time.

4. Real-Time Messages
We always have a marketing strategy of sending unique real-time messages to your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries.

5. Personalize Messages
We approach your customers through email communications in a personalized and intimate way. This will help you to bring these customers frequently in to your organization.

6. Segment User and Customer Database Information
Richsoft team always conducts a research to find out the target customers of your business. So we are one step ahead by only sending emails to subscribers or the target customers those who meet the business criteria.

7. Easy to Share
When customers subscribe your business newsletter, we forward the latest deals and offers provided by the organization to your customers and thereby they will be able to send this offers or deals to their friends, who are introducing your business to a new market or new target customers.

8. Global
We help to reach your business to the target customers across the world. This will help the customers to get in touch with your organization from anywhere in the globe.

9. Easy to Create
Our email marketing techniques include email campaign with attractive templates, videos, images and company logos. Even though we suggest successful campaigns can be simple plain text emails with minimal core information of the business which is the most important thing.

10. Frequent Communications
Richsoft’s marketing team communicates with your customers regularly. This will keep your customers updated about your organization’s day to day business activities, weekly or daily offers etc.