Community Connection Application

A platform which is exclusively for clubs and associations and educational institutions that acts as a social media. A complete social networking solution for groups.


Social media

  • A knowledge sharing & fun activity centre
  • Validate every joining request and only valid members are accepted.
  • Can Create Groups and add members . This feature is only for the Admins.
  • He/ She can monitor the contents displayed in the application i.e. delete inappropriate contents.
  • Can send message to individual Groups, whole members or a particular member.
  • Can share stories /articles to groups.
  • Special bulk SMS option for sending important messages as SMS.
  • Central Connecting Platform for our different applications like closed social media
  • All the offers and contests are listed here.
  • Contest winners and lucky winners are published for all members
  • Charity: Blood and Organ Donations
  • Money wallet which is synchronized with community application and Market place.