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Dedicated Support

At Richsoft we provide dedicated support, that can quickly respond to a customer’s situation and deliver comprehensive solutions. Richsoft enables its clients to focus primarily on their core initiatives by providing reliable, high-quality product support and maintenance services to their end customers.

Our experienced client support team understands that mission-critical systems depend on reliable, knowledgeable, and timely responses to their software issues.

Project Management

Richsoft’s first motive is to establish an effective project management process. The assigned project Manager’s responsibility is part of our commitment to service with excellence. Richsoft Follows a well defined software development project management process.

  • Process Customization.
  • Communication Plan.
  • Role & Responsibilities.
  • Project Audit Plan.
  • Project Baselines.
  • Software Configuration Management Plan.
  • Change Control Process.

Dedicated Team

At Richsoft we seek out and develop talent in various roles such as System Analysts, Project Managers, QA Specialists, Developers, Software architects etc. We expect our people to work in the spirit of our principles and collaborate with each other in order to get the best results. If you join Richsoft you will enjoy working in an environment that is totally committed to equality and fairness and encourages and supports open and honest dialogue at all levels. o We believe that a sensible work life balance is important for everyone to be at their best and we offer a competitive package of salary and benefits. o As a successful growing business we always have interesting opportunities for like-minded people at all levels in the company. Experienced developers with an average experience from 3 years to 10 years.


  • Experienced team of analysts available to chock out project design.
  • Round the clock access to our development team.
  • Competitive rates tailored for the client on a case to case basis.
  • Quality Assurance from using Industry Standard Development pattern.
  • Time critical delivery of projects.
  • Comprehensive support plan including telephone, online or onsite.
  • Daily performance report from development team.
  • Weekly project update from management team.
  • Deployment team available round the clock for installation and trouble shooting.

Skill Set

  • Design and Development of Websites using Frameworks such as Word Press, Joomla, Magento, Zend, Boiler plate-5.
  • Primary and secondary development languages are PHP and ASP respectively.
  • Web Applications are done using Google Web Tool Kit, Smart Client.
    • Primary skill: Java and PHP.
    • Secondary skill: Java and ASP.
  • Mobile Applications: IOS-[iphone and ipad] and Android.
    • Primary skill: Objective C.
    • Secondary skill: JAVA.
  • Mobile Web Applications for iPhone and iPad, Android, platform independent web application using Boiler Plate.
  • Desktop Applications for Enterprise Management such as Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Distributor’s Inventory Management, Accounting and Finance Management.
  • There are experienced developlers with an average experience from 3 years to 10 years.

Why Choose Us

At Richsoft we seek out and develop talent in various roles such as System Analysts, Project Managers, QA Specialists, Developers etc. We keep ourselves updated with the upcoming technology and apply the right technology to come up with a productive, cost-effective solution.

company with sample amount of flexibility. We never let you pay more than you need, or give less attention than you deserve. We put our core values here because we believe that transparency leads to accountability. This is the way we do business:

  • Be Creative and Innovative
  • Build a positive family spirit and win together
  • Deliver above and beyond what is asked for and always strive for excellence
  • Be fun and a little crazy
  • Focus on the growth of customer.
  • Build transparent and honest relationships
  • Take pride in making customers exceptionally happy
  • Be humble