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Business Directory

Richsoft developed a Business Directory that helps you to find a Business and search for products and services. Our online business directory emerged to be an effective marketing tool to reach out millions of prospective clients. Our directory can provide maximum benefits to your business needs.

The details provide in our Business Directory varies from Business to Business. They may include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, type of service or products the business provides, number of employees, the service region etc. Our directory make it so much easier for customers to find what they are looking for, and you can even take advantage of special features such as fixed placings or advertisements. These extra touches can make a significant contribution to boosting your online presence and widening your customer base.


  • User Friendly :Our online Business Directory is very user friendly. This means the directory should have a hign quality feature which enables users to find a Business of their choice quickly. Users just need to type the kind of Business and location they prefer and they get instant results.
  • Free Listing : Our Directory enables business owners to add a business for free. We allow you to add your business for free and give exposure to your business among a large number of perspective clients.
  • Elaborate Categories : Our directory have a large range of elaborate categories which are self explanatory and users can easily find a Business of their choice. This will help you as you can submit a business in the most relevant category and can get easily accessible to clients who are in need of a particular goods and services.

Event Management Web Applications

Richsoft developed a complete web application for managing the events and information of your organizations and it will connect with all branches coming under it. The package includes both the web site for the organization as well as an application that manages the events conducted by the association. It will act as a single platform to get all the latest news, events and other important matters related to your organization. We also offer a new website to all the branches each of which will look different but will enclose most of the features of the main site. This site will keep all the branches under one roof without being thrown into isolation. The website will be of great help for all to know each other and come closer.

Every branches will come under your organization and a login credential will be provided for each branch administrators and they can manage the details of the site with more ease and efficiencies.

Salient features of the Application
  1. Website links to all other branches which would make it convenient to access their websites
  2. New look and feel to the website will give a total uplift to the site
  3. Each Branch Leaders will have a page showing their profile and positions
  4. Current and previous Branch leaders can be added and profiles can be viewed
  5. Each Branch office bearers will have a separate page listing their profile and positions held so far
  6. Affiliations can be added and its key members can be viewed
  7. Download important documents/forms from site
  8. Customized Front page
  9. Sliding Banner in Home Page
  10. You tube videos can be showcased
  11. Latest Events slider with pictures
  12. Space for putting up ads or to highlight special events
  13. Social buttons to connect easily with social networking sites
  14. Facebook social plug in -considering the fact that a huge number of students and staff use Facebook
  15. Activity Calendar displaying important milestones
  16. Hot News Section with a scrolling text
  17. A Carousel for displaying the partners and sponsor logos
  18. All SEO friendly URLs to rank the site on top in Google Search
  19. Site Search facility
  20. Individual user login section
  21. Photo/ Video Gallery with easy navigation
  22. Contact Us to submit queries
  23. Effective backend operation
    • Approve/Disapprove member registration
    • Assign user roles such as President ,Secretary etc based on year
    • Manage home page listings
Benefits of Event Management Software
    1. Latest and efficient software to manage all events conducted at your Organization.
    2. Participants & winners of each event can be added and it will be listed in website
    3. Current and previous Events can be added to site which will show a track of all the events held so far
    4. Results page to display the results of matches held
    5. Current and previous year’s results can be displayed in site
    6. Events calendar which lists the upcoming events and allows users to join an event
    7. Users can directly join to an event once they log in to site
    8. Easy backend operation

i. Create/edit/delete new events
ii. Create/edit/delete new competitions
iii. View and Approve candidates who register to join event
iv. Manage competitions(judge allocation, team management etc)
v. Result entry and publishing
vi. Set user roles such as staff, student, judge etc


Richsoft developed this software specifically to meet the unique needs of chit fund companies by providing an integrated accounting package, chit fund management, customer management, auction and prize management. It is web based and is built module wise to get effectively customized as per the requirements of the chit fund client. It helps you to run a paperless office. It was developed with full data security and built on the latest .Net technology.

This web application helps you to maintain and manage all aspects of your organization details. It helps you to manage the different designations, Employees in each designation and their details. It also stores the different branch details of your organization. The main highlight of this software is the online chits management. That is we can easily maintain and manage the chit members account, chits collection details, auction details etc.

Modules Included


  • Chit Information
  • Chit Collection and Receipts
  • Auction
  • Customers and Accounts
  • Schemes

  • Organization Details
  • Branch Details
  • Employee Details
  • System User Management

  • Chit customer
  • Branch Customer
  • Schedule
  • Scheme
  • Collection Status
  • Daily Collection Details

  • Transactions
  • Ledger Information

Web Application for Educational Institutes

Richsoft’s Greyslick is a centralized online management system that helps to manage activities of Educational Institutions like Arts & Science Colleges, Professional Colleges like Engineering College, Business Administration College, & Nursing College, and Schools etc. The user interface of Greyslick is a dashboard based interface, which is very easy, that helps to use anyone with basic knowledge in computers. This online web application helps to manage various aspects of an Educational Institution such as online admission, Students and Batches, Attendance, Exam, Timetable, Lab, Library, Fee and Accounts, Human Resources, Store, Events and News, Hostel, Transportation etc.


  • Responsive design compatible to all types of devices like Mobile, IPAD, Desktop
  • Multiple user can operate at the same time
  • Support Multiple branch operations
  • Developed using advanced web technologies like Bootstrap 4, JQuery 2.0, MVC 4, Telerik Open Access ORM
  • Supports both CCE and General grading systems.
  • SMS messaging support
  • Pluggable modules
  • Multilevel access control based security
  • Extendability
  • Customization

Modules Included

  • Students and Batches
  • Online admission application
  • Attendance
  • Human Resource
  • Exam
  • Store
  • Library
  • Fee and accounts
  • Events and News
  • Timetable
  • Hostel
  • Lab
  • Transportation
  • CCE and General grading systems