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We provide Cloud solutions to small and large scale industries. In this technology world , Cloud computing is in high demand because it allows companies to scale with ease. We have various plans for cloud computing solutions whether it be processing, storage or other cloud services. We help companies to save time and money by migrating to cloud server. Richsoft offer scalable infrastructure, secure data , less cost and high application availability for enterprises.


Richsoft provides 7*24 hours web hosting support for small and medium level companies. We specialized in Web Hosting Support, Linux, Windows, cPanel Server Administration & Monitoring, Helpdesk Support, Remote Infrastructure Management, Cloud and Enterprise Security Services. Our Server Administrators continues to manage, monitor and mitigate and provide solutions to our customers.


Quality delivery is the success of an application. When we deliver an application with quality assurance , Richsoft maintenance cost will become very low and thereby customer will be able to use a very user-friendly application without bugs and high end performance especially with low cost for maintenance.


Richsoft delivery manager deliver the application to the customer with full fledged documents that contains training manual, technical document, google analytics submission reports and testing manual. The users are trained on by Richsoft’s experienced trainers and aided with the documentation on how to operate the software and how to keep the application /software operational.


Richsoft had an excellent customer training program to educate them about the application that we have implemented in their business environment. We prepare a training manual for the customer and explain the operations of the software simply so that the customer will be able follow us by going through the manual. The advantage is that the end user will be able to operate the application, upload contents and images if needed, and can even modify the data when even necessary.


We have a proper plan in deploying the application. We check whether all application contents uploaded to the final version , is all test code removed from the application, Whether the files back ups are kept in the version control system etc. All what we have done in our development server, tested and quality assurance passed are moved to the production server on the scheduled time once we got approval from the delivery manager


It is important to establish quality for the project prior to development. We construct a plan to help our team to achieve quality software. Our experienced and talented team start development based on the confirmed requirement specifications and designs. Richsoft experience has shown that problems are eliminated earlier by formal reviews conducted in each development phase. When the development process is reviewed, including plans, requirements, architecture, design, code, and test cases, then error free output will be given to the customer.


We know the value of design quality of an application. Visitors of the application always prefer the feel and look of the application along with the functional requirements. Our team those who include the architects and lead developers prepare the technical design requirements. Systems Analyst review the Business Requirements and used to define how the application will be written. The visual design and the functional design both are created up to the customer level satisfaction.


Our key success in application development is the successful communication and reviews conducted between the customer and Richsoft’s systems analyst. We collect the user level requirements, system requirements and functional requirements through various methodologies like meeting with end users, Collect answers through questionnaires, referring industry manuals and documents, Review each process in customer presence and then Requirement specification document is prepared. All further development process are based on this SRS which is the success factor of Richsoft.


The team work of Richsoft sort out various solutions for the current business problems that they have analysed in the specific industry. The automation of the business process brings up benefits and profits to the organization in a higher level. Feasibility studies conducted by our team in various sectors like technical, economical areas etc will make the implementation more easier.


Industry analysis is the key factor in understanding the business situation and thereby delivering a successful application. Richsoft Systems Analysts spend 40% of the overall application development time for studying the industry environment and business functions. This helps both the enterprise management and the development team to analyse the current business process limitations, learns the system related problems or changes to be done in existing systems. Better communication between our team and the end users outcome is a quality application which improves the business process.