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As time elapses, the application may decline on the performance front. It may go completely obsolete or may need intense upgradation. We Richsoft team is always with our customers to archive the data and required software components, to close down the system, to plan disposition activity and terminate the system at appropriate end-of-system time.


We are a 7 * 24 hour service providers for customer support and maintenance. When an application is delivered successfully , we have the responsibility to confirm the software operation in terms of more efficiency and less errors. The software is maintained timely by updating the code according to the changes taking place in user end environment or technology.


We host or upload the application to the relevant server and our delivery manager deliver the application with full fledged documents like training manual, technical document, google analytics submission reports and test reports. The users are trained on by Richsoft’s experienced trainers and aided with operation manuals.


Our Quality Assurance team give 100% assurance to the customer for a bug free fully functional application. This successful application transforms all manual activities to the automated format that changes his business to a higher level more than what he expects.


A strong , talented and dedicated team of Richsoft start development based on the confirmed designs. Formal technical reviews are conducted for quality assurance by our testing team and phase by phase outputs are discussed with the customer for better results.


Richsoft team is very confident in developing a successful application where customer requirement is studied and specification is prepared 100% perfectly with effective communication with the customer. The system and software design is prepared from the requirement specifications which we have studied and prepared.


Study the existing business situation, Prepare the functional and operational features of the business and add additional features to improve the business. We conduct meeting with end users and verify the features and collect answers through questionnaires. Our team review each process in customer presence and then requirement specification document is prepared.


Our team has discussions and meetings with various stakeholders from the business environment and brings out all their problems and needs for the current business process. We collect as much information as possible on their requirements. The requirements are classified into user level requirements, system requirements and functional requirements.