Business Directory

Richsoft developed a Business Directory that helps you to find a Business and search for products and services. Our online business directory emerged to be an effective marketing tool to reach out millions of prospective clients. Our directory can provide maximum benefits to your business needs.

The details provide in our Business Directory varies from Business to Business. They may include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, type of service or products the business provides, number of employees, the service region etc. Our directory make it so much easier for customers to find what they are looking for, and you can even take advantage of special features such as fixed placings or advertisements. These extra touches can make a significant contribution to boosting your online presence and widening your customer base.


  • User Friendly :Our online Business Directory is very user friendly. This means the directory should have a hign quality feature which enables users to find a Business of their choice quickly. Users just need to type the kind of Business and location they prefer and they get instant results.
  • Free Listing : Our Directory enables business owners to add a business for free. We allow you to add your business for free and give exposure to your business among a large number of perspective clients.
  • Elaborate Categories : Our directory have a large range of elaborate categories which are self explanatory and users can easily find a Business of their choice. This will help you as you can submit a business in the most relevant category and can get easily accessible to clients who are in need of a particular goods and services.