Supply Chain Analysis

Using data analytics to improve supply chain efficiencies is becoming increasingly important in a global market place. By streamlining the supply chain and enabling real-time decisions, companies can significantly reduce costs as well as improve inventory management. It can also help predict and forecast demand allowing for a first mover advantage right from the sourcing of products to in-store delivery.

Richsoft helps companies forecast demand, increase margins, manage inventory more efficiently and manage logistics efficiently thereby reducing cost. Fast, accurate reporting software is a must-have in order to remain nimble to respond to changing business conditions and operate more efficiently. Performance-based companies can rely on Richsoft to help them access the data they need to make informed supply chain analytical decisions. Richsoft Services include a standard reporting tool that works with any solution built on the Logistics Network Operating System framework, as well as any transportation management system that is an open database-compliant system. With its robust graphical interface that allows easy report generation by dragging and dropping selected fields, users can create sophisticated reports in minutes. Additionally, reports can be easily modified to reflect changing business goals.

Supply Chain Analysis Services

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Planning
  • Sourcing Analytics
  • Operational Planning
  • Execution And Operations Support
  • Easy-to- use Analytics Features
  • Hierarchical Data Organization
  • Dashboard Display
  • Analytic Chart Creation
  • Data Display Capabilities
  • Expansive Data Source Options

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